MultiplayerGames Indie Cred: Elfsquad 7 (Xbox Live)

Got a Christmas itch? Actually, you don’t even need it to enjoy Elfsquad 7, its infectious and saturated pixels joyful enough for a smile anytime of the year.

Four players can go co-op in this wrap-em-up, a rogue robot set to ruin Christmas at the North Pole unless the heroic Elfsquad can stop the gifts from being lost. Take one part kinda/sorta Space Invaders and another from a polished platformer and the idea clicks. A shop lets players pick power-ups from spread guns to insta-wrap cannons, creating gift frenzies as they fall ready for delivery.

Charming, calming music backs what truly is a bit of a manic platformer. Intensity is always high with a clock determining whether or not the gifts make it on time, and lives tick downward as naughty toys wreak havoc. Add in more players and craziness only intensifies.

Charging a meager dollar for this one is a gift on its own.