Some Online Passes Carry Expiration Date, EA Will Replace

Want another reason to ditch the online pass system and stop showing support for it? You know, in case missing codes, mislabeled codes, server downtime, or some other factor creeps in? Add expiration codes to the list.

Certain EA titles, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Dragon Age II included, come with online passes that carry actual expiration dates within the EULA. Dragon Age will expire in March of next year, and NFS is already dead. Since both of these games carry online components and are still floating around retail shelves, what does this mean for the new consumer?

Total inconvenience.

Expired codes must be sent through EA customer service where they will then issue a new code, because clearly, it’s okay to interfere with a customers time if they didn’t pay the full $60, right? At the very least, EA is showing some minimal support, but this whole system deserves to be abolished with such idiocy involved. Oh, and just to top it all, some of the codes received don’t seem to be working for some NeoGAF users. What wonderful service.