En Masse Details TERA’s Glyph Customization

A Slayer testing out her newly augmented skills in TERA. (En Masse Entertainment)

With massive multiplayer games, customization is the key to individualism. Because so many players will be playing the same classes, being able to differentiate between one another adds much needed variety to a game. The upcoming action MMORPG TERA features eight core classes, each with a specific combat role, be it tanking, healing, or damage-dealing. While gameplay is heavily action-based (which encourages skillful play) there is no difference in skill-sets between two players of the same class and level. The glyphs system changes this by allowing players to customize individual skills. At level 25, players have access to this system, which allows them to attach glyph of varying effects (improved damage, reduce MP costs, reduce cool down time) to their skills.

Skills have anywhere from one to four different glyphs available to them, depending on the skill in question. There is a limited number of points players can spend on glyphs, so players must choose whether to improve many skills slightly, or a select few skills significantly.

En Masse provides several examples of glyph applications in the article on the official website. You can read more about them here.

Because TERA features an action-heavy combat system, a class’ play-style can vary noticeably between players. The glyph system allows players to further customize and accentuate their individual play-style by allowing them to improve the skills they favor. For example, players who rely on evasive skills to avoid attacks can utilize more points on glyphs that reduce the cooldown of said skills. Less committed players can tweak and play their class in whatever way they see fit, and more serious players can work on tweaking the inevitable “perfect glyph build” to suit their preferred class.


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