PS Vita Users Contained to One Account Per Unit

Have a significant other? Brother? Sister? Parent? Well, they’ll each need their own Vita units if they want an individual account. Sony has chosen to lock the systems down to one user per unit. The only way to add another would be to format the system back to its default settings.

It’s not just blocking other people, but region locking the unit as well. Many hardcore types have an alternate PSN ID on their PS3 to access Japanese exclusive games, and that whole concept is being dropped. Apparently, Sony doesn’t like money?

For a console that could likely struggle to find acceptance if smartphone and iOS gaming has the grip many believe it does, Sony is doing everything it can to throw itself into the fire. Software is always the key component, and Sony is certainly pushing with mega names like Uncharted. Hopefully that’s enough to capture a supposedly dwindling audience.