Vita Digital Titles up to 40% Cheaper than Retail

The sting from the PSP Go is still around within Sony, so much so that they want to ensure they won’t make the same digital errors they did before.

With the launch of the Vita and it’s ludicrously overpriced memory cards, the savings will be passed along on the digital games themselves. If you’re looking to save money at the expense of losing already limited software rights, then a 40% cut off the retail price might be enough to entice most. No word on what the average price cut may be, but it’s notable that Japanese titles are falling into the 20% category on average.

News comes from a Vita event taking place in certain malls, the information coming via Sony rep, not any official statement. Still, it’s safe to say the digital strategy is to under cut retail in some form regardless of the number. In an ever tightening market, any discount will likely prove to be beneficial.