Halo Waypoint Companion App Now on iOS and (sort of) Android

Microsoft/343 Industries has rolled out the official Halo Waypoint Companion app for iOS devices and some Android phones. The app not only brings with it all of the usual Waypoint features like stat and Achievement tracking, game stats, and challenge viewing. That’s all free.

For those more inclined, $5 will bring you into a live sync between multiplayer matches and your phone. It acts as a more complex radar, pointing out positions and weapon spawns.

All of this sounds great, and if you’re using an iOS device, you’re golden. If you’re on Android, probably not. The app is supported by only a handful of devices. You’ll need to log in via the store link on your phone to see if your device has the necessary coding. Don’t get your hopes up, but if it works, it looks like a worthy partner in Halo Reach multiplayer.