Lord of the Rings: Online Receiving Prince of Rohan Update December 12

MMOs are everywhere these days, so it’s easy to think of the variety in the market as over saturation. In a world where World Of Warcraft is king and Korean MMOs grab the spotlight, you should remember that Turbine’s Lord of the Rings: Online is actually quite successful, especially since going to free-to-play. Now the MMO is getting a new update this holiday season, in time for the hungry, Christmas season gamers.

The Prince of Rohan update, due out December 12, will add five new Isenguard instances. An instance is typically a dungeon which generates a copy of itself for each player or group for a certain number of people at a time. This way, several people can experience being the hero in a dungeon, complete with rare drops, without your usual MMO competition getting in the way.

For example, one new instance will have you delving into a mysterious area called the Foundry, which is suspected to be the source of where Saruman’s soldiers are receiving powerful new weapons. Players can enter their own instance of the Foundry to be the center of their own story in disrupting an important resource supply for Saruman’s army.

Keep in mind that Lord of the Rings: Online is free to play and load up your game on December 12 to get in on all the fellowship oriented action!

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