En Masse Details Crystal Enhancements in TERA

Putting crystal enhancements to the test in TERA (En Masse)

Customization is an important element in any MMORPG, and this is especially true for an action-oriented one, like TERA. Because there are only eight playable classes, customization is crucial, as it allows players to differentiate between one another within the limits of the class system. Last week, En Masse revealed TERA‘s glyph system, which allows players to customize and boost individual skills for stronger effects, reduced mana costs and more. This week En Masse reveals crystal enhancements; socketed stones players can utilize to improve their offensive and defensive avenues.

Weapons and armor have anywhere from two to four crystal sockets. Red crystals improve attacks and are equipped on a weapon. Blue crystals are defense oriented, and are equipped on armor. Enhancement crystals can be found via item drop, by purchasing them from vendors or by trading with other players.¬†As noted in an earlier write-up by En Masse’s community manager Scapes, crystals come in varying levels of rarity, and rarer crystals having stronger effects.

Basic crystals simply enhance HP or mana, but others offer greater boosts under specific circumstances. Some crystals will only activate when attacking an enemy from behind, for example, while others only enhance critical hits. Much like the glyph system, crystal enhancements encourage experimentation, as there are different combinations players can utilize depending on the situation or a player’s play-style.

The article entry goes on to list several practical crystal applications, which you can read on the official website.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, one wonders it the influx of information from En Masse is a sign that the game is finally coming together. It was revealed several months ago that TERA would be entering its Alpha stage by the end of this year. With any luck we will be hearing more about the current state of TERA in the weeks to come.


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