Gotham City Imposters Console Xbox 360/PS3 Beta Sign-ups Live

Warner and Monolith are teaming up for a kinda/sorta Batman title, Gotham City Imposters, pitting a group of insane Bats and equally nutty Jokerz (yes, with a Z) in first-person deathmatch scenarios. No, it doesn’t make much sense, but if it’s fun, who cares?

You can find out early by entering into a beta, but only if you sign-up ASAP. The PC beta test was live in November and is now closed, so this is for console owners only. The six-on-six title if offering a limited number of slots, hence the urgency.

The game’s official website is offering the opportunity, and you’ll need a WB ID in order to get in. Note that this is open worldwide, or at least the website allows for anyone to sign up. Good luck!