APB Reloaded Finds an Audience

After a fiasco that sent its developer packing, MMO APB was seemingly left for dead after a tumultuous 90-day run. After GamersFirst decided it was worth salvaging (and rebranding as APB Reloaded), the game is doing well enough to play host to three million players since it found a place on Steam’s digital roster.

The original APB had 130,000. Total. Ever.

With the free-to-play model in effect, GamersFirst is going to attempt a retail release, shuffling $30 boxes to stores with coupons inside worth $50, meaning in-game items. It goes to show that the business model means everything in the end, and when the product is free, those who try it on a whim will actually stay on for more if they like it. Maybe they’ll actually pour some money into it too.