Need For Speed World’s New DLC Car Is $75 Until December 21

I am one of the millions currently enjoying Skyrim, which costs a little over $60 after tax. DLC can often times cost anywhere between $3 to $15 based on a variety of factors such as amount of content, timeliness, the publisher, how many pacts with Satan they’ve made, etc. If people can pay $15 for a couple of new maps, surely they’d buy an additional $100 car for their free-to-play racing game?

Need for Speed World has just introduced the Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition, a new car players in this free-to-play game can buy for $75 until December 21, which will then go back to it’s normal asking price of $100. I can only assume this website in particular is putting up the press release, because it goes to great lengths describing things that are supposed to justify the car’s normal $100 price tag with features like, “burnt titanium exhaust tips, logos stencilled on the front windshield, and a carbon fiber custom widebody kit.”

Because surely a digital rendition of titanium tipped exhaust ports and stenciled logos are worth $100.

I love flame spitting exhaust pipes as much as the next guy, but when a single car costs more than my 60+ hour RPG epic, I begin to question just how effective the company is at handling the dark lord’s machinations. Surely you have better plans to bring about mankind’s economic downfall then by charging us $100 for a single, digitally rendered car.

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