New Video Details Political System in TERA

A Vanarch sitting proudly on his exclusive steed. (TERA, En Masse Entertainment)

It has been known for some time now that Korean Action MMORPG TERA would be utilizing a political system to enrich player-to-player interactions. During E3 2011, North American publisher En Masse Entertainment presented press with a brief overview of the political system in the game, with many of the major elements detailed in a video much like the one you see below.

While not all players may be interested in taking an active role in politics, there are many perks associated with assuming the leadership role within a province (a title known as Vanarch). Once players have established a guild of their own, they can set out to earn the office through battlegrounds or popular vote. In the battleground scenario, players will literally fight other Vanarch candidates and their guilds to earn the right to rule. Popular vote will require players to convince others to actually vote for them through active campaigning (or lying, bribery, or whatever method players can think of to earn the winning vote).

Once a player has earned the Vanarch office, they have a certain number of “policy points” they can use to manipulate the rules in the region. This includes changing tax rates, opening specialty vendors, teleporters, class trainers, etc. In order to earn more policy points, Vanarchs and their respective guilds will be required to participate in Vanarch-specific quests. These quests pit Vanarchs against some of TERA‘s toughest monsters.

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Video source: PCGamer

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