MultiplayerGames Indie Cred: Game Type

Unsurprisingly, there are a handful (read: all) of Xbox Live Indie Game devs dissatisfied with their current place on the Dashboard. They’re buried under the Games category, hiding behind a random woman in a green hoodie… except now she’s breaking out.

Mommy’s Best Games, the dev responsible for Shoot 1Up amongst others, has created a looping SHMUP called Game Type that not only lets parkour girl out of her static, digitized image, but lets her blow up giant crabs, cars, and pinwheels… or something. That’s all well and good, but first, you need to navigate a mock Xbox Live dashboard just to find the start menu, and it’s filled with ads for other Indie games, cat stuff, and other junk. No, it’s not far from the real thing.

The two-player blast fest has two modes of attack, a super parkour burst where hoodie chick kicks a mega beam at a cost of speed, and a standard vulcan-like hand shot. Money is collected, music rocks, and the whole thing is far more fun than it should be. Sure, it might be just a one-off gag, but it’s for a purpose and a good cause. Besides, it’s at least a half-hour of fun with a buddy for a buck.