Week in Arcade: Trine 2 + Sales Upon Sales

A single $15 outing this week as to not interfere with the extensive holiday sales one would presume.

Trine 2

Woe be the soul who does not have their TV calibrated in any form. Trine 2’s brilliant color saturation and heavy depth would be a nightmare out of control. In their rightful place, it’s a thing of true beauty. The backgrounds breed life with their intense layers, nothing is left overlooked or untouched, and everything blooms with a shiny glow. Oh, it plays well too, this puzzle platformer rife with the potential for unorthodox solutions amidst three heroes with unique abilities. Be warned this is certainly a title meant as a co-op affair, although the solo outing will still prove enjoyable.

Holiday Sales

The marketplace has been slashed, or its prices rather. In addition to a dozen straight days of individual deals (titles named daily, not before their sale date), games such as Bloodrayne Betrayal, Renegade Ops, Plants vs. Zombies, and Portal: Still Alive are all half off. There’s a plethora of Avatar stuff to look forward to as well.