UMvC3’s Ancient Warrior Pack Delayed Due to Magneto’s Alt Costume

If you were looking forward to seeing Arthur cosplay as Bishamon on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, you’ll be disappointed as the Ancient Warriors costume pack (containing alts for Arthur, Firebrand, Magneto, and Hulk) for the game has been delayed until March 6th. In addition, Magneto’s alternate costume, which is a reference to his royal attire from the House of M comic, has been removed from the pack’s line up.

Though there’s no official word on why, it’s pretty obvious that it has something to due with the Spanish royalty having a problem the costume due to the fact it resembles the uniform of certain Spanish royalty. It’s unknown at this point if Magneto will receive a new alt but it has been confirmed that the Ancient Warriors costume pack will arrive at a discounted price, probably because Magneto won’t be receiving a alt.

That’s really too bad for the Magneto faithful but it really puts the hurt on people who weren’t even interested in his costume. After all, one of the costumes puts Firebrand in armor that is reminiscent of his time in Gargoyle’s Quest.

The next costume pack in line that is scheduled to go up is the Brawlers pack on January 10 which includes: Haggar, Spencer, Iron Fist, and She-Hulk.

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