Wishing for 2012: Xbox Live Marketplace Deals

There’s a leaked list rolling around the internet of Microsoft’s 12 days of Christmas holiday sale. It’s not pretty. As this is being written, some Mortal Kombat DLC is on sale and the Deadliest Warrior sequel is half off. If that leaked list is right, and so far it seems like it is (you would know since you’re reading this after the fact), ouch.

Steam knows how to run a sale. Sony, to a lesser extent, knows how to run a PSN sale. Microsoft? They don’t have a clue. How many times have Sonic the Hedgehog titles been discounted? Risk Factions? Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Not only that, the price cuts are not that dramatic. Half off sounds great, but when the PC equivalent is a buck and Microsoft wants five, there’s not much incentive.

It’s such a shame too, because before the 360 sort of became this ultimate media device, there were some great games. Remember Wik: Fable of Souls? Cloning Clyde? Why not give those games a brief spotlight, introducing them to a whole new set of 360 owners? Recent game discounts are great and all, but there are nearly 450 Live Arcade titles, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say half of them have never seen a single discount.

Just once, it would be great to see a true super clearance sale, pushing some of those great lesser knowns out for an all-consuming public hooked on the idea of paying a buck or two for a game. Why are most of those ancient titles -in technological time keeping at least- still sitting at their first retail price? Won’t someone think of the elders?