Lineage II Artist Juno Jeong to Work on New NCsoft project

Lineage II artwork by Juno Jeong

NCsoft revealed that they would be working with artist Juno Jeong in the creation of a new MMORPG. For those unfamiliar with Jeong, he worked as a character and concept artist during the development of Lineage II. He is being credited as art director of the new NCsoft project.

Much like Korean artist Hyung-Tae Kim, the works of Juno Jeong are instantly recognizable for their flair and visual style. His character designs are vibrant and sexy, infusing realism with stylized Korean manhwa to create artwork with a very unique aesthetic. His work in game illustration has made him something of an art celebrity and expert in the field of art design in Korea, with the man giving seminars and writing books on the subject. Jeong’s artistic style has been very influential in the Korean MMO field as well, with new and upcoming titles like TERA and Bless utilizing art styles similar to that of Jeong’s. After his work on Lineage II, Juno Jeong branched out to work as a freelance artist and writer, working for companies such as Gravity and NHN.

NCsoft is currently working on Blade & Soul (which is expected to go into its third closed beta phase during this quarter, Q1), as well as the recently revealed Lineage Eternal. Based on the wording of the report by Korean game news site This Is Game, it seems the title Jeong and NCsoft are working on is, as of yet, unknown. Rumor has it that the project is Lineage 3 or Aion 2, and the curious “Project L3” logo in the “Life” section of Jeong’s website certainly adds to the speculation.

Source: This Is Game Global

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