A List of SOPA Supporting Game Companies + Responses

Joystiq has pulled together a list of game companies that support the current version of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a bill that could effectively render the internet a ghost town. The list is based on those companies involved with the ESA, the same company that fought in the Supreme Court to push for video games as free speech. Talk about a turn around.

Some companies, like Epic, may be involved but do not support the legislation. Others, like Capcom, take a backdoor approach and state they let the ESA handle politics. God forbid is the company were to take a stand. The rest of the list contains a number of non-respondents. It’s a list worth keeping around, and be sure to contact each of them urging a stance of non-support for this terribly misguided legislation. Piracy needs dealt with, just not in a way that gives media companies free reign to do as they wish without so much as an appeals process.