Super Mario Bros. Movie Fanbase Grows, Pushes for Re-release

Fun fact: There’s a wide ranging community surrounding the 1993 Super Mario Bros. live action movie. Yes, the one with Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper.

Next year, assuming the Mayan Calendar hasn’t killed us all (that is how it’s supposed to happen, right?), the film will be 20 years old. Disney owns the rights, and like most, probably don’t realize there’s a sizable community out there eager to soak up a special edition (on Blu-ray please!).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive has pulled together just about everything imaginable, from interviews with cast and crew to memorabilia and photos of props. It’s certainly more effort than Disney ever went to.

Truth be told, there’s a fun, goofy adventure flick at the heart of the movie. The title, plus eager kids expecting to see stomped Goombas, sort of doomed the film for all of eternity, but with a little perspective, it’s an easy watch. It’s no wonder the community has strengthened.

The fan site has all of the information you need to spread the word and hopefully see a re-release (with bonuses) with the upcoming anniversary. Even if it’s not a personal favorite, there’s some great insight amongst the mounds of material. It’s worth a look.