PS Vita 3G Data Plans Revealed; Results Not Pretty

Remember back at E3 when Sony announced that AT&T would be the exclusive provider of 3G to the PlayStation Vita and the audience elicited an audible groan? It’s because they knew this was coming.

At $15 a month, you’ll get a whopping 250MB of data usage, not even a sliver of a full retail Vita title and only a handful of Mini-like experiences. For $10 more at $25, you can receive a more manageable 2GB of data, but still well shy of what the device is capable of. Note there is no contract required, as this a month-to-month commitment. Also note the 3G version of the hardware will be an additional $50 when the Vita hits US stores on February 22nd.

To sweeten the deal, or sucker some people in, AT&T is offering an unspecified game for free. No word on what titles are included in the promotion, but it’s safe to assume it’s digital only and be worth less than $15-$25.