Xbox Live Indie Game Requirements Opened Up

Despite being buried on the Dashboard (enough that someone made a game to riff the positioning), Microsoft is giving attention to the mass of developers trying to find their way within the Indie game scene.

For one, game size limitations will be boosted from a paltry 150MB to 500MB, a move that allows a significant change in scale and game richness. With the MB allotment comes a change in minimum pricing, It used to be that games surging past 50MB were required to cost more than the $1 (80 MS Points) minimum. Now, that low price can be applied to games up to 150MB. Anything larger is still restricted to either 240, 400, or 800 MS Points.

Finally, the game limit for developers is receiving its third increase. At first, eight games were allowed, then 10, and now that’s being doubled to 20. Hopefully those shining stars of the Indie scene take advantage of the boost.