Xbox Live Account Hacking Growing, Victim Opens Website for Stories

Sony didn’t necessarily handle PSN’s hacking as well as they should have, but they acknowledged it. Microsoft on the other hand is letting it simmer, forcing victims to wait 30 days for an investigation, and pushing them into creating websites to address the issue.

Many of these hacks involve a foreign thief taking the password and using it to purchase countless points and Xbox Live memberships. Those are then transferred to multiple accounts which are sold on shady websites which gullible people purchase.

Microsoft claims this is standard for the internet, the closest thing to a response they’ve given (that to Eurogamer), but the reality is that the media is beginning a charge as well. As the number of hacked accounts grow, people’s personal finances are drained, and their accounts are lost, people are fighting back.

One such Live member is Susan Taylor who recounts a nightmare scenario involving Paypal, her bank, and Microsoft in an effort to stir up the community to bring this issue to Microsoft’s attention en masse. Hacked on Xbox includes her story and others, and while some scenarios could be chalked up to phishing scams and lax security on the part of the Live member, many others are the result of a hack involving FIFA 12. Microsoft still states there’s nothing wrong on their end. Go figure.