Week in Arcade: Choplifter, Amy

Double up on Arcade titles this week, including a retro remake and an original survival horror title for a total of $25.

Choplifter HD

Wow. It’s doubtful anyone saw this coming, especially after years of clumsy sequels and sloppy ported editions of the great Choplifter. Aside from the rather forced (but marketable!) zombies, Choplifter is everything a modern remake should be, retaining the mechanics of the original and simply sprucing it up. New weapons, customizable choppers, a plethora of death-dealing weapons, passengers who berate you for being late, and a kooky tone that nails the panicked frenzy. If more remakes were like this, there wouldn’t be any sarcastic groans from the community.


Survival horror returns to its original form: clunky controls create a vulnerable heroine searching for a mute little girl after a train crash. Of course, said crash has unleashed the undead, meaning basic objects become life saving devices. This is a gargantuan undertaking for a $10 game, loaded with plentiful voice work, loads of animation, and passable visuals. Tension is high and sound is used for terrifying cues in dark corridors… of which there are many. At times, it feels bogged down, this futuristic tale dealing with locks on doors coded by DNA. The resulting search for an “unlock” is clumsy and pace killing. Still, this is a bargain for the true fan of the genre, or at least its origins.