En Masse Announces TERA Beta Sign-Up

Lancer and Hyena (TERA, En Masse Entertainment).

En Masse Entertainment, North American publisher of the action MMORPG TERA, and Frogster, European publisher of TERA, have begun the sign-up process for beta testing. Players interested in participating in the North American beta tests can visit the official website and sign up there. European fans can visit the official European website to sign up.

While En Masse has not revealed the dates of the upcoming tests, they explain that these events will start with closed beta phases and end with an open beta prior to the game’s official launch (a schedule that is not at all uncommon for MMORPGs). The closed betas are invitation-only events, so players must sign up for a chance to get in. On the bright side, invitations to TERA‘s open beta will be given to everyone who signs up.

They also note that there will be other methods for acquiring closed beta invitations (through contests and the like), which will be revealed at a later date. Players with questions about the beta or the sign-up process can visit the thread on the official TERA forums.

TERA is expected to see its retail release during the spring of this year.

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