Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming February 14th

There are very many life changing events in one’s life: entering college, learning to drive, getting married, and of course there’s the release of a Mass Effect game. Mass Effect 3 will be hitting us March 6th but you won’t have to wait nearly that long to get your hands on something that is remotely like Mass Effect 3.

BioWare has announced a demo to the game will be available February 14th and promised it will give gamers access to a sizable chunk of the game in order to prep them for the main context behind ME3: intergalactic war.

ME fans should also know that playing the Kingdoms of Amalur demo, which is out now, will give them exclusive items to use in both Kingdoms of Amalur and ME3. When ME3‘s demo drops, playing it will not only whet your appetite but also reward you with exclusive items for Kingdoms of Amalur. A nice promotion without any annoying pre-ordering commitments!

I cannot wait to see Tali again. But then again, I bet Tali is everyone’s favorite.

via Gamesradar

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