Twisted Metal Reboot Features Online Pass Despite Jaffe’s Hopes

Developer David Jaffe has hoped the upcoming reboot of the grungy car combat franchise Twisted Metal wouldn’t be subjected to an online pass. That decision though, sadly, wasn’t his to make.

Sony, like with all of their current first party titles, will include locked multiplayer for used buyers and renters in Twisted Metal. The $10 codes limit access to players with multiple systems or those who wants friends to borrow the title and try it out. Of curse, the real war is on the used front, despite the fact used copies do not suddenly cause an upsurge in server load. Jaffe had rightfully wished, since the game was so multiplayer-centric, that it would be open to all. Instead, there’s now a wall thanks to a business decision that benefits no one other than a publisher who is teetering on an edge with regards to the first sale doctrine.

Way to support one of your best developers Sony. Stay classy.