Xbox Live Arcade House Party Dated, Detailed

While not quite to the level of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, the House Party promotion seems to have risen its game (games?) to provide some competition during this dull, lifeless retail portion of the year.

There are four title comprising the House Party, and buyers of them all receive an additional 800 points back when the promo ends. In this case, it’s buy three, get one free. Chances are, you’ll want all four.

Starting February 15th, EA’s Warp makes it $10 debut, a puzzler involving an angry alien who needs to stealthily take down his prey. February 22nd, Alan Wake returns in American Nightmare, an interesting way to keep the franchise going at $15. First-person arena shooter Nexuiz might be looking for some of the Monday Night Combat crowd on February 29th since it’s one of the few Arcade shooters with a community. Actually, it might be the only one, and at $10, it has a shot. Finally, the survivalist tale I Am Alive hits March 7th and runs $15.