League of Legends Adding More Bots, More Power

League of Legends‘ competitive scene is exploding right now, with the community reveling in all the fun of the free-to-play multiplayer game. Like any other multiplayer game though, new players are subject to a lot of hazing on the matchmaking circuit. But LoL‘s next incoming patch is set to improve the players vs. bots mode.

In the above video, several devs from Riot Games, including one David “Phreak” Turley, break down the newly expanded co-operative vs. bots mode for LoL. Newer players will appreciate the improved A.I. to practice on without fear of getting steamrolled by experienced players. Meanwhile, the roster of new bots will encourage veteran players to try new things they wouldn’t normally do when win ratios are on the line in real matchmaking. Players will probably come to appreciate the expansion of bots from 12 to 40. Be sure to visit the site to get all the details.