Mewtwo Returning to Pokemon Black and White

People who think the new Pokemon are stupid may enjoy news that everyone’s favorite, original legendary will be making a return to Pokemon this February in nearly every form of media Pokemon can afford him.

First, Mewtwo will be getting an official WiFi distribution. If you’ve seen your opponents running a Mewtwo in their team, it’s usually because he was imported somehow from trainers’ previous games. But on Febuary 12, Mewtwo will be made available for everyone to receive and it’s even hinted that this Mewtwo will know a move he can’t normally learn. This move will most likely Psystrike, a move listed as unique to Mewtwo yet unobtainable.

Second, a new Mewtwo trading card will be included in Nintendo’s new line of Pokemon cards set to release on February 8th.

Lastly, a 2006 online movie special called The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon is set to be rescreened to coincide with all this Mewtwo madness.

All in all, a pretty big reintroduction for the Pokemon that was the first overpowered Pokemon. Welcome back Mewtwo! It’s time to show Arceus who came first!

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