Call of Duty Elite Xbox 360 DLC Restriction Being Fixed

Players who forked over the money to effectively pre-pay for their Modern Warfare 3 DLC with CoD Elite found a nasty little bug. Despite the terms and conditions stating otherwise, players with family members on the same Xbox 360 console found the content locked to all but the primary user.

That left some consumers a little peeved, but Activision has been quick to respond, noting that full access to the DLC will be restored soon. Robert Bowling:

“This is unintentional and we will work to get an update out as soon as possible that corrects this issue and allows you to continue to enjoy the new maps.”

Until then, the issue remains, and you’ll need to share if someone else wants to shoot people on new maps. No word on when proper access to the DLC will be restored, but hopefully it’s an easy fix. Now that Elite is running smoother, mistakes like this certainly don’t instill consumer confidence. A quick repair can make all the difference however.