Microsoft Trying to Shutter Bogus Halo 4 Beta Domain

Someone had the bright idea to haul in a few suckers and nab their personal information by squatting on a seemingly legit domain for Halo 4. Fraudulent beta invites are redirecting people to a site with Halo4Beta in the URL, surely enough to scrounge up a few gullible types.

The site will remain up until a decision is made by the National Arbitration Forum, the same body that made the decision over the Modern Warfare 3 domain late last year. Microsoft is already taking the necessary action, but 343 Industries is quick to advise people the site is never going to issue beta invites. Instead, they’ll gladly use whatever information you provide for other nefarious purposes.

NAF will need to decide if the site in question was registered with malicious intent, which in this case, seems relatively straightforward.