En Masse reveals TERA Beta and Pre-Order details

An Archer and Warrior do battle in TERA (En Masse, Bluehole Studio)

With the┬árelease date looming ever-closer (May 1st, 2012), En Masse has made a few announcements regarding the action-MMORPG TERA in the coming weeks. TERA‘s beta test schedule has been revealed, as well as TERA‘s pre-order and collector’s edition details.

TERA‘s beta test schedule spans from February to April and is composed of five closed beta tests, and one open beta. The first of these beta tests begins on February 10th. The entire schedule can be viewed on the official website.

With the release date only a few months away, En Masse has revealed the pre-order incentives for TERA. The game will come in standard and collectors editions, both of which will be available in physical and digital versions. Pre-ordering the game from the En Masse store rewards players with a unique white stallion mount, the “City Wheel” earring and ‘Seren’s Sand” ring (in-game items that boost defense/HP and attack/MP, respectively), the ability to create and reserve a character before launch, and grants players access to TERA‘s “head start” play period just before the official launch.

Pre-ordering TERA also has the benefit of allowing players to participate in all five closed beta tests.

The Collectors edition of TERA includes the unique Regal Frostlion mount, and the Velik and Shakan Bloodstone necklaces: in-game items that increase damage and speed. Physical collectors editions also include some nice swag to boot: a Letter of Marque, a canvas world map, the game soundtrack, a spiffy compass, and a field guide.

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Beta Test Schedule announcement

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