PSN To Be Rebranded As SEN

I still find it easy to disassociate Sony from the Playstation brand. But soon the Playstation Network, PSN, will be rebranded as the Sony Entertainment Network or SEN.

It may happen as soon as February 8th, so you may notice before you even read this. And it’ll be hard to miss, because in addition to a new name, it’ll also have a new logo. Or at least, the logo Sony has been using for its other areas.

It’s also important to note that this isn’t just a simple name change. A firmware update will also be released which will move all PSN accounts to become SEN accounts. Because we all know how good Sony has been with our accounts, right?

The move is actually intended to answer the people who do disassociate Sony from the Playstation brand. Maybe when you go get your map pack for some multiplayer game, you’ll think you’re getting it from a network that’s actually Sony as opposed to just being a Playstation network. “A global comprehensive network platform” if you will, at least from a statement released by Sony.

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