Little Big Planet Karting a Reality, Details Soon

It seems Sony sees more value in Little Big Planet beyond community-driven customization. Even though anyone with the talent to do so could craft a kart racer in Little Big Planet 2 (and probably already has), the rumored official release was confirmed in a Sony Tweet. Little Big Planet Karting is in development and exists, which as of this time, mark the only official details. Expanded previews and such are expected, “soon.”

Pre-confirmation rumors has the game as a Move exclusive, possibly shipping with some type of racing wheel, a la Mario Kart for the Wii. One can easily question why Sony finds this necessary given their kart racing dreams were already put into motion with Mod Nation Racers, which is soon to be available across all Sony hardware with the release of the Vita port. Did MNR not live up to the success Sony had it pegged for, or does it not carry wide enough casual appeal?

Or, did Sony see dollar signs with the idea of Sackboy in a kart?