Two Launch Day PS Vita Games To Feature Online Pass

If you were hoping that portable gaming would remain the last bastion of hope from a gaming world oppressed with online passes, well, all is lost. It is confirmed that Sony has included online passes for two Vita launch games: Hot Shots Golf and Wipeout 2084.

Since first party Vita titles are not shipping with manuals, that means there’s plenty of room to shove in a little piece of paper that locks used buyers out of online play. Apparently, the money saved from not printing up a manual isn’t enough to offset server costs.

So far, these are the only two (known) games to feature the service. Uncharted, the most expensive title of the Vita launch line-up at $50, is single player only and does not lock content behind a paywall. Clearly, if these launch titles are any indication, future Sony-developed titles will more than likely include them, and with the means in place to do so, third-party affairs could too.