Team Fortress 2 Lets You Digitally Propose To Someone For $100

Most of time, one can define video games as escapism. Become a hero, a mercenary, a vampire, or whatever! Maybe one of the pressures you want to escape from involves relationships. If you play Team Fortress 2 though, this topic may have intruded on your special escape.

Even people who don’t play TF2 know it has a loot and crafting system, as well as a digital item store for players who want to skip the work involved in making new items. But for Valentine’s Day, Valve introduced a new item called the Something Special For Someone Special. It’s basically a $100 digital representation of a diamond ring that can only be gifted and not traded. If the target of your affections accepts you gift, the entire Team Fortress 2 community will learn that your special someone has accepted your proposal of whatever you called the ring. Let’s say you decided to call it the Till Death Do Us Part to make it a little morbidly humorous. Voila! It’s now implied that you two are digitally married, and on an FPS rather than a MMO!

No word yet on same-sex gifting. Or if there’s a refund if they reject you.

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