Not One But Two New Smash Bros. Games are in Development

You’d think the next iteration of Nintendo’s wildly popular, mascot brawling, party-styled fighting game would be just that: one new iteration. Turns out, Masahiro Sakurai and his studio, Project Sora, have two titles planned for Smash Brothers fans.

With most of Sakurai’s duties done on Kid Icarus: Uprising, early work as begun on the next life cycle of Smash Bros. which will come to both the 3DS and the Wii U. As of now, everything is only in the planning stages. The team says they’re currently browsing through its old Smash Bros Dojo site to figure out where to set the bar, presumable someplace high.

Sakurai and the team at Sora will also be looking for other developers to help bring each respective Smash game to their respective platforms. Pretty soon, we can expect the whole team to start deliberating on the embryonic planning stages such as the first characters they’ll want to consider for the roster.

My question is, will Metaknight return and will he be as overpowered as he was in Brawl?

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