Sony Sets Killzone 3 Multiplayer Free

Interested in Killzone 3 but didn’t want to deal with the bombastic campaign? Then Sony has listened to your thoughts, which is sort of creepy when you consider what that means.

Regardless, Killzone 3’s multiplayer aspects are now free for all on SEN, with the catch of a level cap. After reaching that unspecified plateau, players have the choice of unlocking the full multiplayer for $14.99. Note that Amazon marketplace sellers have the entire game for $14.99, and GameStop is only a few dollars more.

Despite the pricing concerns, the idea is a marketable one. It brings in new players to a community that is aging, and certainly has competition at all corners. Even Sony’s own Resistance and Uncharted franchises eat away at the player base, and for those who enjoy the ferocity of Killzone, this should bring in plenty of fresh meat to destroy.