Week in Arcade: Nexuiz

House Party rolls on with this arena shooter from THQ.


Undoubtedly a “little” inspired by Quake (it started life as a mod), this peppy online shooter isn’t as gruesome or as devastatingly precise. That allows a little room for newcomers to get a handle on things, the acceptable bot AI more than enough to get your bearings. Into the nine online arenas (and two lonely game modes), chaos becomes exaggerated with the concept of mutators. These radically alter the CryEngine 3 gameplay arenas, with quirky alterations like botched collision, a pogo stick (everyone jumps non-stop) and slippery boots. It’s a fun play on physics until things become serious with the likes of double damage or all-slaughtering nuke. Backed with bassy beats and power weapons, there’s fun to had if a community sticks around.