Darkstalkers 3 Re-releasing for PSN

There’s hope yet for Darkstalkers fans as Capcom is bringing Darkstalkers 3 to PSN for your enjoyment on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. The game was re-rated by the ESRB and we all know what that means.

You may recall that Darkstalkers 3, or Vampire Savior EX Edition, is already available to Japanese PSN users under their Game Archives category. Personally, I think its western title rolls off the tongue better.

Ever since the fighting game genre was revitalized by Capcom’s efforts with Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, many classically educated fighting gamers have kept hope alive that Darkstalkers may return, seeing as how the main Street Fighter series and the Versus series have returned with contemporary titles. Capcom of course has not revealed any plans to bring the series back for the modern age, but at least this move proves Capcom still remembers Darkstalkers as much as any other fan.

via Siliconera

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