Darkstalkers 4 Supposedly Under Development Now

VentureBeat‘s sources inside Capcom have brought word that Darkstalkers 4 might finally be on its way to see the light of day. While insider tips are exciting in the world of information, we’ll have to wait and see an official announcement before we really get our excitement goggles on.

Word on the street is that now that Street Fighter x Tekken is ready to ship, Yoshinori Ono has shifted his attention to something he and Darkstalkers fans have been asking for year now. It’s rumored that the game will use a modified engine of what’s powering Street Fighter x Tekken, so we might finally see a fully rendered Morrigan in all her vampiric glory!

With the Game Developer’s Conference coming up next week, the only other chance to make a big announcement (besides E3 obviously) will be Capcom’s very own Captivate event in April.

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