Vita Online Pass System Struggles w/ MLB: The Show, Unit 13

Some may have been a little surprised when the online pass system broke through to the handheld realm at the Vita’s launch. Like many online passes, certain Vita games are having trouble, and surprisingly, one of them is digital.

For MLB: The Show, threads have been showing up with errors, and one person (via GameFaqs) reported speaking to a Sony rep who stated a new code would be out to them in 3-5 days. Others have tried again a found luck, others continue to receive errors.

Unit 13, however, is a different story. The digital version was released without the necessary code unlocked. Sony has since reissued the digital version with the online pass properly activated. However, problems persist with physical copies, just like The Show.

How do you fix this? Stop buying games that utilize an online pass. Otherwise, you can expect these problems to continue.