Bethesda May Be Making an Elder Scrolls MMO

Long time ideas and rumors have suggested that Bethesda would be making an MMO for years now, especially an MMO for Elder Scrolls. Finally, inside sources suggest that an Elder Scrolls MMO is finally on its way. Plus, the leak is surprisingly detailed, so a clear picture of the setting is easily imaginable.

The MMO is rumored to take place hundreds of years before the earliest chronological Elder Scrolls game, a full millennium before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game will also have three main factions to join, represented by different animals: a lion, a dragon, and a some kind of bird of prey. Most surprising of all though, is that we can expect a formal announcement sometime in May 2012.

The idea of Bethesda making an MMO isn’t exactly new, as Bethesda finished a lawsuit a while ago with Interplay concerning the rights to a Fallout MMO. Still, The Elder Scrolls was probably number two on a list of games Bethesda would turn into an MMO.

via Tom’s Guide