Street Fighter x Tekken “DLC” Characters Priced at $20

The furor continues over Capcom’s insistence to include locked characters on the disc in Street Fighter x Tekken. The fight will rage on now that a pricing structure has become known.

The dozen characters, which will be part of the PS Vita version (at no added cost), will be unlocked sometime after the portable release, will come in at 1600 MS Points, or $20 in non-funny money.

Before that, Capcom would like more of your precious cash flow. Starting April 3rd, alternate costumes will require $1 per character, or $13 for either a SF or Tekken side. In a free title update, added gem systems and quick combo slots will be opened, along with new costumes and online menus.

In other words, the online access is still broken with sound glitches, but at least the financials are in order.