Link and Samus Costumes Available in Dynasty Warriors VS.

Playing dress up has been one of the growing aspects of the Dynasty Warriors series, now brought to bolder life with the addition of Nintendo-licensed costumes. Link and Zero Suit Samus outfits will make their appearance in Dynasty Warriors VS., a 3DS exclusive as of now.

Tecmo/Koei are returning slightly back to the roots of the franchise, born from a one-on-one fighter. While VS. will maintain the idea of capturing bases, players are doing so competitively in any set-up, up to four people (i.e., three on one, two vs two). Players may combat each other directly, the first time (I believe) since the inception of the series.

In other words, you can pretend to battle Link and Samus in something other than Smash Bros. for the first time, all while slashing at countless inane AI characters.