Week in Arcade: Rayman 3, Sine Mora

Two widely divergent genres highlight this week’s Arcade releases, and totaling up to $25.

Rayman 3

A clean port of (arguably) the best 3D Rayman. The general humor level and wacky nature of the world are presented better than they were before (or later). This looks to be based off the Gamecube version, with textures cleaned up and polygons counts the same. Purchase depends on how attached you are to the game itself, but also whether or not you see the improvements personally. If you have other versions lying around, this may not sway you either. Still, a great game that never got the attention is deserved.

Sine Mora

Beautiful side scrolling SHMUP’s don’t get enough attention. This one brings with it sterling, polished mechanics and a brilliantly rendered world, all captured in the artistic confines of a 2.35:1 ratio. Sine Mora brings in a tightly wound time travel mechanic, allowing for slow down as needed, but also a ticking clock that ends in failure. It adds pressure beyond the usual round of bullet dodging mayhem, which the title does well too.It also creates branching paths reminiscent of the great Darius franchise. A must for genre faithfuls.