MLB 12: The Show Continues to Suffer Strikes from Online Pass Flubs

Both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of MLB 12: The Show carry an online pass, that slip of paper that allows new game buyers to access hassle free online play… until it becomes a hassle. As has been the case for Arkham City, Dirt 3, Driver 3, and others, baseball fans are now being shut down when trying to access what they paid for.

Users of the Vita edition have found that their code actually unlocked online for the PlayStation 3 version, clearly whether they bought that version or not. Sony says the issues have been cleared up, but some users who entered their code prior to the fix claim they’re still in limbo. Joystiq tells the story of Benoit who has been the victim of a back-and-forth battle with support to receive a code that has yet to come. Other users, as reported earlier, simply received error codes when they tried to enter their pass.

Released at the same time, Unit 13 also had a brief flirtation with trouble wherein the digital version (of all things) failed to come with the online unlocked.