Rare Video Game Show “Video Power” Unearthed

If you remember the likes of GamePro TV, then there’s a chance you also caught an episode of Video Power (or two). Sold directly into syndication, Video power was produced by Acclaim, and surprisingly, didn’t focus directly on their software. In a mish-mash of cartoon (THAT was all Acclaim characters), reviews, strategies, and whatever else fit into a half hour time slot, the show is pure early ’90s cheese. Apparently, the second season switched formats to turn into a more game show-like run before being canned completely.

Thought lost forever, a Digital Press forum member has managed to find a majority of the first season, and will be posting them in the coming weeks. As of now, two episodes are up, the first and the 11th. The first, with the priceless cartoon that shoehorns an Arch Rivals player, Kwirk, the lead from Wizards and Warriors, and a cop from NARC. The best part? They drive in Bigfoot, which Acclaim also made a game from.

Embedded below is that initial episode, while the 11th can be viewed on StillGaming’s YouTube page. Note the cartoon was named Power Team, which is the name the episodes are listed under.