Week in Arcade: Pinball Arcade, Diabolical Pitch

Dueling $10 games up for sale this week, although one is for Kinect owners only.

Pinball Arcade

Distancing itself from Pinball FX by offering actual, real life tables from the best manufacturers, Arcade knows its audience. There’s an appreciation for the designs involved in these tables, three from the start with more coming via DLC. Everything in “Arabian Nights,” “Theatre of Magic,” and “Black Hole” is designed with the utmost care, from voice work to the panel visuals. It’s impressive. Physics feel spot on and the visuals bring back high resolution memories. While not as feature packed as FX, actual tables makes this one worth a look.

Diabolical Pitch

A Kinect Arcade title in which a rogue, super powered pitcher enters a nightmarish world to throw balls at things. Wow. Reminiscent of the carnival games where you need to hit stuff with a throw, only here, said things throw back. A bare minimum of skill is required, perfect for the younger set, but the horrifying atmosphere might be a turn off. Grinding music is irritating, and a game like this would have been fine as a more traditional baseball experience. Think Baseball Simulator 2,000. As it stands, the sporting audience is lost and for what is anyone’s guess.