Mass Effect 3 Resurgance Multiplayer Pack Validates Old Rumors

Remember a few weeks after Mass Effect 3 launched when that a suspicious image was leaked to Facebook with details of new multiplayer content? Well every detail is now officially real, right down to the price of free.

The Resurgance Pack will be free to download April 10 and brings all the rumored DLC: new Geth and Batarian races, new classes for Asari and Krogan, two new maps, and three new weapons. The blog post on Bioware’s site is down but hopefully the reveal trailer will stay up long enough for you to enjoy.

It’s exciting to see these new character classes use entirely new and unique traits and powers. I was wondering what exactly the Geth Infiltrator will have unique to it besides the inevitable Tactical Cloak but it looks to indeed have something interesting up it’s sleeve, along with the Batarian’s interesting omni-tool weapon.

But who am I kidding? If you thought Human Vanguards were amazing before, what will happen if you play as a Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard?